Doctor of Dental Surgery: financial information

Tuition and Fees

Students must pay all tuition and fees in order to be listed on the student rolls. Tuition and fees include those paid to the Bursar (see for a listing), supplemental equipment fees (paid to the Bookstore and the Dental Clinic) and the Educational Media fee (paid to the UTHSCSA Computer Store).

Download the Dental School Costs PDF file

Financial Aid

Information about Financial Aid can be accessed via our Student Services website at

Information about Military Dental Program Scholarships can be obtained from the points of contact below:

Air Force   Army   Navy
TSgt Tara Benson
Air Force Health Professions Recruiter
8200 IH-10 West, Suite 220
San Antonio, TX 78230
Office: 210-341-6802
Fax: 210-341-7139
  Hector J. Maldonado
Staff Seargeant
United States Army
US Army Health Care Recruiter
US Army Medical Recruiting Station
2040 Babcock Rd Ste 406
San Antonio, TX 78247
Toll Free 1-877 570-8053
Office (210) 692-7376
Fax (210) 615-3727
Army Dental Website
  Sasha Y Smith LT NC USN
Medical Officer Programs
Navy Recruiting District San Antonio
8200 IH-10 West, Suite 310
San Antonio, Texas 78230
Office: (210) 340-0592
Fax: (210) 340-2379
mobile: 210-347-6666

Navy Dentistry Website