National Practice-Based Research Network

For Practitioner

What do I need to do to become a member in the National Dental PBRN?

Enroll in the network by going to and filling out the enrollment questionnaire. Enrollment may be at any one of three levels:

  • Informational: receive newsletters and correspondence
  • Limited: receive newsletters and correspondence AND participate in surveys/questionnaires
  • Full: receive newsletters and correspondence, participate in surveys/questionnaires, AND participate with in-office research

How might I benefit by participating in the National Dental PBRN?

You will be helping to improve dental care by increasing your knowledge about dental research and potentially participating in scientific research studies. What we learn from our studies might improve the standard of care in the future.

More specifically, you would benefit from participation by:

  • Participating in a national scientific effort to improve the quality of oral care
  • Meeting and interacting with other practitioners involved in dental research
  • Conducting practice-based scientific research to answer questions pertinent to your practice
  • Receiving newsletters about practice-based research
  • Strengthen your knowledge base for making clinical decisions
  • Practice image enhancement
  • Receive continuing education credit for meeting attendance, training, and certification activities
  • Opportunity for presentations on local, regional, state, and national levels

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